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Why Consider
Audubon Dental
When Choosing
a Dentist ?

Respectful, Polite and Friendly Team
The patient comes first.  Professionals, seniors, children, every person  is welcome and treated with individualized care.

Experienced Care
All work is performed by one of our two dentists (each of whom has over 20 years of experience and has been a long time dental school faculty member) or by one of our two registered dental hygienists (each of whom is licensed, experienced and has been with us for over 20 years.)  We all stay proficient with frequent continuing education.
Dental work is done only by the senior dentists. Hygiene and exams visits are performed only by either a dentist or registered dental hygienist.   

Up-to-Date Dentistry
We have all attended hundreds of hours of continuing education.  Our doctors do not just take dental courses, they teach them.   We use up-to-date technology and treatments that are proven by valid dental literature and research (not the massive advertising and bogus research propagated by manufacturers with a financial interest in selling various machines and products.) Count on us to know which technologies work and which are unproven money-makers.
No Rushed Treatment; No High Volume Clinic Mentality
Adequate time is reserved to really clean teeth; to talk to you, to diagnose your problem, to let anesthetic work, to clean and sterilize instruments and rooms according to CDC guidelines between patients.

Best Materials and Labs
No cheap overseas labs or discount materials are used. Our dental labs are the best and offer all choices of porcelain and other materials. 

No Selling and Pushing More Expensive Work or Add-on Services You Don't Need
We inform patients of all treatment options and avoid "selling" the most expensive alternative.  Where there is a less expensive alternative, we'll let you know about that possibility as well.   

No 'Dental Hype,'  Unproven Gimmicks, Over-treatment or 'Bait and Switch' Advertising
We are experienced diagnosticians.  We treat your case according to evidence-based guidelines.  While we do not ignore problems, neither do we do not try to sign you up  for an expensive and unnecessary treatment plan.  Patients return to us because they know they get good honest information, are offered all treatment choices and solid dental treatment. 

Cancer Exams
Oral cancer is relatively rare but it is a serious disease.  It is becoming more prevalent in younger, non-smoking adults (probably as a result of the HPV virus).  As always, a cancer exam is included in our regular exam fee.  Unproven technologies are not employed in an attempt to charge an additional, out-of-pocket fee.  The best detection for early cancer is an experienced eye and node exam.  Real tissue biopsy and pathology will be recommended if necessary. Brush biopsies cannot be relied upon.   Technologies using lights and stain (sometimes used in dermatology for psoriasis, etc.) cannot be depended upon and at this time remain unproven.*

Kid Friendly
We all have kids and like working on them! Children are a welcome part of our practice and we have years of experience and skill in children's dentistry.  Orthodontic Referral is carefully considered and we refer to experienced orthodontists who treat according to accepted and proved guidelines and do not recommend unnecessary early treatment on every child.
(See the note on this site regarding early orthodontic treatment.)

We Provide All Aspects of General Dentistry, Including:
Family Dentistry
Dentistry for Children
Seniors' Dentistry
Tooth Whitening
Tooth Colored Fillings
Cosmetic Veneers
Crowns, Bridges
Gum Treatment
Root Canal Treatment
Oral Surgery
Senior Dentistry
Total Smile Design
(Dermal Fillers with local anesthesia available.)

We offer the latest in dental technology, bleaching, decay detection, laser dentistry, digitalized imaging, LCD screens, cancer screening and crown techniques.  While technology and equipment is important, it alone cannot perform dentistry and choosing the appropriate material and equipment is part of the skill and knowledge of the dentist.  Technology is only as good as the operator who uses it!  We avoid techniques and materials that do not have a proven track record and that are not supported by genuine research.
           One example of treatment that has not been not proven over time is the heavily marketed "crown-in-a-day" system which mills a crown out of a block of porcelain.  We have found that these crowns, are not as strong as the standard crowns and more subject to fracture. Rear teeth are subjected to over 250 psi pressure in normal use and a more substantial gold /porcelain crown is often the better, more long-lasting treatment.  Lasers have a few uses in dentistry but they can also be dangerous, yet they are heavily marketed. We always choose the safest treatment for you and your family.


*A cancer exam is important and it  should be included in the cost of the regular exam.  If an additional out-of-your-pocket fee is suggested for a special light-mediated cancer exam you may want to check the Mayo Clinic site: "There's little evidence that using a special light to examine the mouth has any advantage over a standard oral exam." or the Oral Cancer Foundation: "In summary, evidence that supports the use of reflective tissue fluorescence systems to aid in the detection of oral pre-malignant lesions is currently quite sparse.")